Directly Uses OCAD Maps

Purple Pen directly loads and displays an OCAD map for your event. OCAD versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are supported. You design your courses directly on the OCAD map, which can be displayed at any level of detail. You can also use a bitmap file such as TIFF or JPEG as a map, or use a PDF file as a map.

Simple User Interface

Purple Pen uses a simple user interface with a single window that displays both the course and control descriptions simultaneously. Many changes can be done by simply clicking on what you want to change and making the change directly. No special "preview" modes -- everything is live all the time. Every change can be undone, with up to 100 levels of undo and redo. Simplicity was the guiding principle in designing Purple Pen.

Conforms to IOF Standards

Purple Pen fully supports the IOF 2004 Control Description Standard. Purple Pen can create standard IOF XML interchange files, which allow the course data to be directly transferred to electronic punching or event management programs.


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